Swar Systems

In ML (Multi-Layers) Pack 1, the instruments below have been fully resampled in a way that each stroke can be triggered with more or less force (velocity) and this will trigger different samples, not just a volume difference. This offers a very realistic playback and more dynamism in your compositions.

ML Pack 1 features 12 resampled instruments in 1199 single strokes samples (246 MB) that, combined with the hundreds of MIDI loops included will give you gigabytes of high quality Indian drums playback!

Photo Name Description Root note Nr of Samples Size in MB
tabla Tabla High pitch tabla. D 141 28.5
tabla Tabla low Low pitch tabla. D 141 34.1
tabla Tabla mid Mid-range tabla. A 141 28.5
Pakhawaj Pakhawaj Mid range Pakhawaj. E 93 36.2
Pakhawaj Pakhawaj (ambient)* Sound from ambient mikes. E 93 28.0
Dholak Dholak High pitch Dholak G 114 15.9
Dholak Bass Dholak Low pitch drum from the Dholak family. C# 24 4.1
Dholak Bass Dholak (ambient)* Sound from ambient mikes. C# 24 4.0
Mridangam Mridangam Regular mridangam. D# 107 16.9
Mridangam Mridangam (ambient)* Sound from ambient mikes. D# 107 16.9
Mridangam Kappi Mridangam Special mridangam for vocal music. D# 107 16.5
Mridangam Kappi Mridangam (ambient)* Sound from ambient mikes. D# 107 16.5

* Ambient patches are not available in SwarShala. Only in SwarPlug & SwarTrax.