Swar Systems

ML Pack 1

Main Indian drums Tabla, Dholak, Mridangam and Bass Dholak


ML Pack 2

Swarmandal, a string accompaniment instrument for playing scales


ML Pack 3

Tanpuras, stringed instrument keeping the drone in the performance


ML Pack 4

Sitars (Vilayat Khan and Ravi Shankar styles) and Surbahar

In ML (Multi-Layers) Pack 1, the instruments below have been fully resampled in a way that each stroke can be triggered with more or less force (velocity) and this will trigger different samples, not just a volume difference. This offers a very realistic playback and more dynamism in your compositions.

ML Pack 1 features 8 resampled instruments in 1199 single strokes samples (246 MB) that, combined with the hundreds of MIDI loops included will give you gigabytes of high quality Indian drums playback!


Photo Name Description Root note
tabla Tabla High pitch tabla. D
tabla Tabla low Low pitch tabla. D
tabla Tabla mid Mid-range tabla. A
Pakhawaj Pakhawaj (with mic panning) Mid range Pakhawaj. E
Dholak Dholak High pitch Dholak G
Dholak Bass Dholak (with mic panning) Low pitch drum from the Dholak family. C#
Mridangam Mridangam (with mic panning) Regular mridangam. D#
Mridangam Kappi Mridangam (with mic panning) Special mridangam for vocal music. D#

Fully resampled (48kHz, 24 bits) Swarmandal in 3 layers, with very beautiful strokes, soft, normal, and somehow sharper ones. Also includes upwards and downwards scales (aroha & avaroha) of over 110 ragas as MIDI clips that can be dragged directly on your tracks.


Photo Name Description Range
tabla Swarmandal Swarmandal C#3 to C#8

Three new professional Tanpuras, fully resampled (48kHz, 24 bits. dual mics) in 3 layers and including ready-made MIDI drones for both Ma and Pa in all possible keys and in 4 different plucking cycles (Pa Sa Sa Sa, Pa - Sa Sa Sa, Pa Sa Sa Sa -, Pa - Sa Sa Sa -) that will make it very easy to add Tanpura tracks to your compositions.


Photo Name Description Range
tabla Tanpura High High pitch Tanpura A# to upper A#
tabla Tanpura Low Low pitch Tanpura G to F#
tabla Tanpura Mid Medium pitch Tanpura E to upper E

Fully resampled (48kHz, 24 bits, dual mics) Sitar (2 varieties) and Surbahar. Includes distinct regions (styles) for each separate string: Main String, Second String, Third String, Fourth String, Chikari Ma, Chikari Pa, Sympathethics, Deredere (trill) and Noises, to bring out all the possibilities of these wonderful instruments. Also includes about 40 beautiful MIDI clips of different ragas development that should help you understand the mood and feel of each of them.


Photo Name Description Range
tabla Sitar 1 Vilayat Khan-style sitar 3 octaves
tabla Sitar 2 Ravi Shankar-style sitar 4 octaves
tabla Surbahar Low pitch type of sitar 3 octaves