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  June 2002
Swar Shala New Version


SwarShala v3.0 is an excellent piece of software for those interested in Indian classical music and World music, whether beginner or advanced. The software covers both melodic and rhythmic aspects of this genre and features instruments including Sitar, Sarod, Tanpura, Guitar, Tabla, Pakhawaj, Dholki, Bells, Harmonium, Shehnai, Bansuri, Sarangi, and Santoor. All the samples have been recorded by professional musicians and are of a very high quality. The new version has been completely re-engineered including a much improved user interface and is due for release at the end of May.

There are three main ' panes':

- with multimedia tutorial on Indian music, playing techniques, ragas etc.

Practice - allowing the user to create fully customized practice sessions with the required instruments, cycles, pitch, tempo etc. and select them to be played at wish.

Compose - to create melodic or rhythmic patterns based on the included instruments at any pitch and speed, in a free and/or synchronised way. Ragas may be defined and all parameters can be easily displayed.

World music composers will also be able to useSwarShala as a tool to create tracks of Indian instruments for their compositions. For anyone who has an interest in Indian music, this software is highly recommended. The cost of Swar Shala v3.0 is to be announced shortly.

Two versions will be available - SwarShala Standard and Pro.
The Pro version has the ability to sequence rhythmic/melodic components to create long tracks which can then be exported as wave or MIDI files; create, edit and display in Piano Roll view; use features instruments in Cubase, Logic etc. and play featured instruments through your plugged keyboard. If you already have SwarShala v2 you will be able to download a free upgrade limited to the instruments you have purchased. See www.swarsystems.com


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