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Swar Systems releases SwarShala 3.0 Pro Virtual Indian instruments

Swar Systems has just released the new version of their Indian music software. SwarShala 3 combines a full multimedia tutorial on Indian music with a solid composition engine featuring 22 Indian instruments perfectly sampled, which can also be played from any other MIDI source (keyboard, sequencer, ...) through the included Swar Sampler.

SwarShala 3.0 is built into 3 different panes:

Learn pane takes you through a Flash 5 animation explaining the intricacies of Indian music through theory and audio examples. This multimedia tutorial will be enjoyed by both total beginners and experienced users.

Practice pane allows you to jam along with virtual Indian musicians. Just select the rhythmic/melodic instrument, rhythmic cycle, pitch, tempo, etc... and these pundits will go on playing with you!..

Compose pane features a solid pattern-based sequencer that allows you to create multi-track songs out of the 22 instruments featured and the large collection of components provided. These songs/tracks can be exported as wave/MIDI files and loaded on any preferred sequencer.

SwarShala 3.0 Pro also includes a custom sampler (Swar Sampler) that can be "plugged" to any MIDI source, so that you can play these Indian instruments through your favorite keyboard and/or sequencer.

SwarShala 3.0 currently only runs on Windows platforms, but a Mac version is planned (user interface has already been redesigned in Java). If you would be interested in such a version, please send us an email to non-win@swarsystems.com, indicating the Mac system you are running (OS 9, OS X).

Besides SwarShala, Swar Systems are also the producers of TaalTrax, an Indian instruments set and MIDI loops/fills CD. TaalTrax Pro includes an Akai-formatted sampler CD that can be loaded on most professional samplers, along with a large collection of sequences (over 500) of the Indian classical/folk repertoire in both MIDI and wave formats.

You can listen to some songs created out of Swar Systems products at the Swar Café. We'll keep posting new ones every week or so.

For more information visit Swar Systems's website at http://www.swarsystems.com/


Swar Systems releases SwarShala 3.0 Pro Virtual Indian instruments [10.24.2002]

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