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Swar Systems is a Switzerland-based music software company specialized in sonorities from India. Our software tools enable composers worldwide to add tracks of Indian instruments to their songs. We currently support over 74 Indian instruments (Volumes 1 to 4) in most formats, including VST & AU plugins, Akai, Reason, SoundFonts, SampleCell, etc... We also provide thousands of classical/folk rhythms and melodies from the subcontinent in standard MIDI format, as well as a standalone program to create custom ones or simply discover the subtle intricacies of this beautiful art form.

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Swar Systems, Inc.
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KANJIRA WIZARD Selva Ganesh wanted to spend just 15 minutes watching the demo. But ended up jamming on the new software for Carnatic music for nearly three hours. "It's amazing," says Selva Ganesh after testing out SwarShala. "The percussion sounds are so close to the real instruments."

Well, Selva Ganesh is not the only one who's excited about it. Violin maestro and member of the Madras String Quartet V. S. Narasimhan has this to say: "It's simply fantastic. The software produces authentic sounds. The presentation is attractive and it's ideal for anybody who is serious about music." And Kollywood composers too are taken in by this product, be it A. R. Rahman or Karthik Raja. More...



"I wish more plug in manufacturers would take a leaf out of Swar Systems' book and release their plug-ins like this."

"The authentic way that the samples and midi file libraries have been put together makes this plugin a definite winner. Anyone who is interested in learning how to make Indian music or add it in to their music can accomplish this easily with this system."

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"SwarPlug represents a great package for the sequencer user wanting to dip their toes into the vast and rich world of Indian music. Not only does the package include a dedicated software sampler and all the sounds you need to get started, but it also includes a library of patterns that can be used as a starting point for your own compositions and improvisations.

At this price SwarPlug is a no-brainer for any computer based studio owner with the slightest interest in Indian music. Highly recommended!"



"So with high-quality samples, very easy-to-use interface, and a wide selection of useful MIDI-based phrases for authenticity, SwarPlug definitely gets a serious thumbs-up. For those times when you simply want to get your hands on a solid variety of Indian sounds to play in a traditional manner, or as a raw sound source that you can perhaps process further with a selection of your own favorite tools and effects, it's hard to beat."



Published in SOS August 2003

"Combining impressive educational resources with a huge library of MIDI files and high-quality samples in stand-alone and VST Instrument formats, Swar Systems' software promises to open up the world of Indian music to anyone with a PC or Mac."

"Where Swarshala/Plug wins out over naked sample libraries is in the time and effort Swar have put into assembling the preset example patterns. Even a total newcomer to Indian music would have little trouble firing up their sequencer and assembling the base of a convincingly authentic Indian performance."

"... overall I recommend that anyone even slightly interested in Indian music auditions this software. The combination of a very useful sample library coupled with well-programmed example patterns and the musical theory to put it all together convincingly makes for a formidable addition to any electronic musician's palette."



July 2003 by Tony David Cray

"Swar Systems is a Swiss company that also has an office in India, and appear to have created the definitive expose of Indian virtual instruments currently available."

"The Swar Librarian will be of particular interest to those studying Indian instruments as well as the rest of us who wish to fine tune our programming skills. By using the SwarPlug patches in a manner that is sympathetic to the particular instrument your final performance will be greatly improved. I found that within an afternoon of using the SwarPlug instruments and using the MIDI files for reference I was able to create some quite convincing beats that would sit very happily in a track."

"Swar Systems have done us all a service in creating SwarPlug, i hope that they continue to develop and expand this wonderful collection of rare instruments."



"Swar Systems has just released the new version of their Indian music software. SwarShala 3 combines a full multimedia tutorial on Indian music with a solid composition engine featuring 22 Indian instruments perfectly sampled, which can also be played from any other MIDI source (keyboard, sequencer, ...) through the included Swar Sampler."




June 2002

"SwarShala v3.0 is an excellent piece of software for those interested in Indian classical music and World music, whether beginner or advanced. The software covers both melodic and rhythmic aspects of this genre and features instruments including Sitar, Sarod, Tanpura, Guitar, Tabla, Pakhawaj, Dholki, Bells, Harmonium, Shehnai, Bansuri, Sarangi, and Santoor. All the samples have been recorded by professional musicians and are of a very high quality. The new version has been completely re-engineered including a much improved user interface and is due for release at the end of May."



"SS3 is a very amazing piece of software because it is created for a very unconventional purpose and in a very unconventional way." "In our view, there are very few people that understand Indian Classical Music. Even in the Indian community itself. But as many know that Tabla and Sitar are both making their way into the Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggea, and other genres of music in today's MTV based music industry. There is certainly a need to implement Indian Style Music into western based music system. And here is the tool that can make it happen."



Some nice words from our clients...

”SwarPlug VSTi, the VST Instrument for the Musical Instruments of India is absolutely awesome, one of the best VSTi's in any category. I've spent quite a bit of time with it, have really checked out the diverse tabla and percussion rhythms, and have created incredibly effective flutes, tanpura, sitar, and other instruments that could never be identified as being midi instruments. Congratulations on a great program with an easy interface."

Frederick Ravid, Director Steinberg Institute.

”I have tried your trial version, and I am impressed by its function and the sound quality of the patches. Its much better than the Roland expansion board (World) which I purchased about $499 a couple of years ago.(just because it contains Indian instruments”.

"I'm a psytrance dj and live act based in bombay India and I totally love your software. Since i grew up here and wasn't formally trained in indian classical music this is the next best thing i could have imagined .... ".

"I've been fooling with the demo for quite some time now, and I was impressed that a person like me, who is totally ignorant of how Indian music is put together, can create these great tabla riffs so easily. I hope I continue to be this impressed!".

"Congratulations for your software. I have been waiting for years for such a software...".


Our products have been certified as educational material by the Department
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