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Swar Groove

SwarGroove is a new VST/AU/RTAS/AAX multi-tracks Indian drums plugin that lets you add Indian drums ensembles to your compositions and live performances. It comes with loads of traditional/folk styles from different parts of India like Garba, Qawwali, Ghazal, Bhangra, etc...

What's new in version 2.1?

We have just released a main update of the plugin. Here are the most interesting improvements:

  • 200+ multi-track grooves, each with 2 intros, 4 varieties, 4 fills and 2 endings
  • MIDI out port to process tracks through your DAW's virtual instruments
  • Drag & drop of a track's MIDI events
  • Drag & drop of a MIDI file into a loop (cell)
  • Custom MIDI tracks to hold MIDI loops to play along the Indian instruments
  • Enhanced MIDI editor

SwarGroove at a glance

  • VST/AudioUnit/RTAS/AAX plugin
  • Synchronizes with host time or plays on its own timing
  • Uses up to 40 of SwarPlug's high quality Indian drums
  • Includes 200+ multi-track grooves
  • Hundreds of loops/fills for unlimited possibilities (more can be added through SwarShala)
  • 100% MIDI. Speed and pitch can be fully adapted to perfectly match your needs
  • Multi-layers per velocity on certain drums for better dynamics
  • Full track playback customization, including audio effects
  • Export to MIDI for very specific changes
  • Bounce as audio file
  • Trigger specific loops through MIDI keys for live performances

SwarPlug engine

SwarGroove requires SwarPlug installed on your system to run. This is because SwarGroove is just a lightweight plugin that uses SwarPlug and its samples to produce the playback for each track. If you are a new client, we have a good combo offer for SwarGroove + SwarPlug ML.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows XP up to Windows 10
  • Mac OS X version 10.6 up to 10.13


Are you not sure about the software you require to meet your needs? Feel free to send us an email to sales@swarsystems.com, describing the way you are planning to use our products, the platform/system you are running and the hardware/software equipment you have (if any). We will be glad to assist you personally make the right choices.



SwarGroove comes with over 200 grooves, covering most rhythmic styles of the Indian folk/classical tradition. Each groove contains 2 intros, 4 varieties, 4 fills and 2 endings. Most of them also have drums and/or bass tracks that can be played over your own virtual instruments.

Here are some samples exported in (dry, no reverb) MP3 format: