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STZ Swar Studio Song. Proprietary format used in Swar Studio.
SGC SwarGroove Composition. Proprietary format used in SwarGroove.
SSC Swar Systems Composition. Proprietary format used in SwarShala.
Audio Audio files (MP3, ASF, etc...) contain all required sound data. You can therefore play them directly through any standard player like WinAmp or Windows Media Player.
MIDI MIDI files only contain the events that trigger the notes and modulations. This means you require a SwarPlug or a sampler with the right sounds to play them.
MOV Youtube Movie. Recorded video of Karaoke lyrics.
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31.12.17 Airtel Tune (Fusion) Download
Author Siva Sankar Audio (1.0 Mb)
Notes Small clip by Tamil Nadu composer Siva Sankar.
Instruments used Tavil, Nadaswaram, Manjeera, Bansuri Sharp
10.10.16 Hamsadhwani Tarana (Classical/Fusion) Download
Author Sayak Barua Audio (3.7 Mb)
Notes Sarod player Sayak Barua composed this tarana on the first day using SwarShala, with his Hindusthani singer wife Moumita Mitra performing the vocals, for an impressive result.
Instruments used Mridangam, Swarmandal, Tanpura
19.09.16 Enithu Dhanyanu Naanu (Bhajan/Fusion) Download
Author Manjunath Khot Audio (15.0 Mb)
Notes Kannada devotional song from Manjunath's future album. Singer and song composer: Prasad Chikkmath. Lyrics: Basavaraj. Instrumental music & tech: Manjunath Khot.
Instruments used Veena, Bansuri, Mridangam, Gunghroo, Bells
22.07.16 Swar Studio 3 Jingle (Fusion) Download
Author Nand Kishore Jasnani Audio (0.9 Mb)
Notes Demo for the new Swar Studio 3. A rhythmic fusion that recalls the prominent Indian festivals as well as the joy of celebration!
Instruments used Tabla, Ghatam and Sitar
02.02.16 Shanti OM (New Age) Download
Author Paul Avgerinos Audio (3.6 Mb)
Notes This enticing composition from Paul Avgerinos was nominated for the 2015 Grammy Awards.
Instruments used Sitar, Santoor, Pakhawaj, Tabla, Manjeera, Tanpura
02.12.14 California East (Fusion) Download
Author Alex Smith Audio (2.8 Mb)
Notes Syndicated radio host Alex Smith wrote this short California-style music within hours of using Swar Plug. All instruments come from Swar Plug, with only a kick-drum added.
Instruments used Tamte, Tanpura, Tabla, Mridangam, Shehnai, Veena, Sitar
13.09.14 Janam Maran (Bhajan) Download
Author Nishant B. Thakar Audio (5.7 Mb)
Notes This beautiful composition submitted by Nishant Thakar is created using Swar Systems instruments only. It's a Meera bhajan (devotional song) in raga Darbari Kanhada set to Bhajani/Kaherwa taal.
Instruments used Tanpura, Swarmandal, Sitar, Sarod, Tabla, Khol
04.06.14 In the Heat (Fusion) Download
Author Erich Netherton Audio (1.8 Mb)
Notes This is an Indian-Western dance fusion that Erich composed within a few hours of purchasing SwarPlug. It's always impressive to see what talented people can do with the right tools!..
Instruments used Santoor, Tabla, Manjeera, Tanpura, Harmonium, Sitar
15.05.14 Traditional India (Fusion) Download
Author Ramesh Krishnan Audio (5.4 Mb)
Notes The song has 3 sections. 1. Carnatic Ragam: Gambeera naatai, 2 Punjabi Dol Beats and 3. Bhajan. I composed this song to showcase the different traditional Indian genres.
Instruments used Tabla, Tenor Banjo, Mridangam
04.08.13 Rudra Mukhadalli (Bhajan) Download
Author Manjunath Khot Audio (17.0 Mb)
Notes Kannada devotional song from Manjunath's latest album. Singer and song composer: Prasad Chikkmath. Instrumental music director: Manjunath Khot.
Instruments used Mridangam, Nadaswaram, Santoor, Bansuri, Tabla, Tanpura, Kanjeera
13.12.12 88 (Fusion) Download
Author Manjunath Khot Audio (3.7 Mb)
Notes Beautiful fusion piece composed by Mr. Khot, a science teacher who is also well versed into music and, as such, trains his students in this area as well.
Instruments used Mridangam, Bansuri, Kanjeera, Tanpura
15.06.12 Ek Ladki Ko Dekha (Bollywood) Download
Author Nand Kishore Jasnani Audio (10.5 Mb)
  Swar Studio demo. One of the evergreen hits by the legend, R.D. Burman. A soft romantic hit from the movie "1942: A Love Story". STZ (51.1 Mb)
Instruments used Sitar, Sarod, Duggis, Gunghroo, Duff, Bansuri MOV
04.06.12 Jo Wada Kiya (Bollywood) Download
Author Nand Kishore Jasnani Audio (7.5 Mb)
Notes Swar Studio demo. A millenium hit & one of the best romantic musicals ever... From the famous classic movie "TAJ MAHAL". STZ (54.9 Mb)
Instruments used Bansuri, Sitar, Sarod, Dholak, Gunghroo MOV
21.05.12 Chand Sifarish (Bollywood) Download
Author Nand Kishore Jasnani Audio (10.5 Mb)
Notes This is a new Swar Studio demo song based on the romantic hit of the movie Fanaa. Whistle along or record your voice with Swar Studio! STZ (17.4 Mb)
Instruments used Dholak, Tabla, Gunghroo, Santoor, Sarod, Harmonium MOV
02.04.12 Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai (Bollywood) Download
Author Swar Systems Audio (2.0 Mb)
Notes This is a demo song for the new Karaoke features of Swar Studio, based on the famous Gangster movie hit by Pritam. STZ (6.19 Mb)
Instruments used Tabla, Sitar
08.10.11 Saancha Man Se Pushkar Nhaavo (Bhajan) Download
Author Nand Kishore Jasnani Audio (2.7 Mb)
Notes Bhajan on a Sacred lake in Ajmer: "A bath with pure heart in the Tirthraj Pushkar cleanses the devotee from all sins and past misdeeds".
Instruments used Tabla, Pakhawaj, Sarangi, Sitar, Santoor, Sarod
03.10.11 Golden Temple (Folk) Download
Author Ranjan Sharma Audio (2.4 Mb)
Notes Short extract from the score composed for a Discovery Channel documentary on Amritsar's Golden Temple.
Instruments used Duggis, Ghatam, Tabla, Ravanhatta
01.09.11 Folk 6 Beats (SwarGroove) Download
Author Ranjan Sharma Audio (1.8 Mb)
Notes New groove in 6 beats, featuring no less than 10 drums, most of them from North India. SGC (31 Kb)
Instruments used Dimdi, Duff, Duggis, Udukke, Dholak, Tabla, Tambourines, Gunghroo, Dhol, Nagara
09.07.11 Chennai Tour (SwarGroove) Download
Author Ranjan Sharma Audio (2.1 Mb)
Notes This is a South Indian folk groove playing on the improvisations of various southern drums. SGC (24 Kb)
Instruments used Chende, Daphli, Ghatam, Manjeera, Udukke, Mridangam, Kanjeera