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This section features personal pages of composers whose songs have been published at the Swar Café. You too can have your own page. All it takes is to send us your compositions created using Swar Systems products.

Once and if a couple of them is selected for the Swar Café, we will contact you to formalize your personal composer page. Good luck!

Ranjan Sharma: Though music has been my passion ever-since my childhood but I actually started learning Indian Music when I was around 20 years old. 5 years of training in Indian Classical Music exposed me to the mystique depths, ins and outs of Indian Music. In fact my musical journey started when I was in school.

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Nand Kishore Jasnani:I didn't take any training for music, but yes, books of course have played a great role. I don't have any musical family background. Whatever I know has been bestowed upon by the God Almighty. Music became a part of my life at the early age of seven when I started playing flute.

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