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STZ Swar Studio Song. Proprietary format used in Swar Studio.
SGC SwarGroove Composition. Proprietary format used in SwarGroove.
SSC Swar Systems Composition. Proprietary format used in SwarShala.
Audio Audio files (MP3, ASF, etc...) contain all required sound data. You can therefore play them directly through any standard player like WinAmp or Windows Media Player.
MIDI MIDI files only contain the events that trigger the notes and modulations. This means you require a SwarPlug or a sampler with the right sounds to play them.
MOV Youtube Movie. Recorded video of Karaoke lyrics.
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Commercial usage of these tracks is strictly prohibited without written notice from the composer.
31.05.11 Rajasthani Mand (SwarGroove) Download
Author Ranjan Sharma Audio (2.4 Mb)
Notes Maand is a traditional folk style from Rajasthan. Here is the raw file for SwarGroove users, along with an audio version with Harmonium. SGC (19 Kb)
Instruments used Tabla, Duff, Khartaal, Duggis, Gunghroo, Dholak
10.05.11 Maan Toun (Devotional Song) Download
Author Aroon Aftab Audio (4.3 Mb)
Notes Christian song composed, arranged and lyricised by Aroon Aftab.
Instruments used Tabla, Santoor 
01.05.11 Bells & Drums (SwarGroove) Download
Author Ranjan Sharma Audio (1.8 Mb)
Notes This is a new groove that combines various bells with drums in a folk style. SwarGroove users can download the .sgc file and customize it at wish. SGC (0.4 Mb)
Instruments used Bells, Dimdi, Gunghroo, Ghatam, Tabla, Manjeera, ... 
29.03.11 SwarGroove Medley (Rhythmic tracks) Download
Author Ranjan Sharma Audio (2.0 Mb)
Notes This is a short medley with glimpses of a few grooves included in our new SwarGroove plugin. By the end, we are also using some other keyboard voices.
Instruments used Tabla (x3), Dholak, Manjeera, Tambourines, ...
11.01.11 ML Pack 1 Demo (Instrumental) Download
Author Ranjan Sharma Audio (2.7 Mb)
Notes This is a demo of the new ML Pack 1 instruments. These Multi-Layered voices reach new levels of realism through multiple samples per stroke.
Instruments used Tabla (x3), Pakhawaj, Dholak, Mridangam (x2)
30.11.10 Talvin Singh  (Electro) Download
Author Talvin Singh Audio (8.5 Mb)
Note World famous DJ and Tabla player Talvin Singh  muses with some Swar Systems instruments in a hypnotizing piece of electro fusion.
Instruments used Tabla, Sarangi, Gunghroo
08.12.09 O Come All Ye Faithful (Christmas Caroll) Download
Author Aroon Aftab Audio (2.6 Mb)
Notes Here is an "Indianized" version of the famous Christ-mas Caroll. Sitar on SwarPlug was blended with Fruity Loops and CakeWalk studio instruments.
Instruments used Sitar
10.09.08 Thrayambakam (Carnatic Fusion) Download
Author Rathish Rajan Audio (4.0 Mb)
Notes A melodic fusion with a meditative mood. The melody is based on Revathi raga and has been sequenced using FLStudio.
Instruments used Mridangam, Pakhawaj, Gunghroo
29.04.08 Volume 4 Demo (Instrumental) Download
Author Ranjan Sharma Audio (4.6 Mb)
Notes With the release of Volume 4, we are presenting here a medley of some of the instruments included, on a journey through various regions of India.
Instruments used Algozay, Mandolin, Tutari, Khuang, Nishan, Khol, Ektara, Bihu Dhol
24.02.08 Life in Denial (Trance) Download
Author Murm Audio (2.0 Mb)
Notes Rooted in South Asian chaos, murm blends classical elements with overtures of electronica that goes beyond the usual trance, lounge or house.
Instruments used Dholak, Pakhawaj, Gunghroo, Tabla