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STZ Swar Studio Song. Proprietary format used in Swar Studio.
SGC SwarGroove Composition. Proprietary format used in SwarGroove.
SSC Swar Systems Composition. Proprietary format used in SwarShala.
Audio Audio files (MP3, ASF, etc...) contain all required sound data. You can therefore play them directly through any standard player like WinAmp or Windows Media Player.
MIDI MIDI files only contain the events that trigger the notes and modulations. This means you require a SwarPlug or a sampler with the right sounds to play them.
MOV Youtube Movie. Recorded video of Karaoke lyrics.
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22.11.05 Tabla & Mridangam duet (Percussions) Download
Author Sujay Govindaraj Audio (1.8 Mb)
Notes Jugalbandhi (duet) between the 2 main percussion instruments of India: Tabla for North and Mridangam for South.
Instruments used Tabla, Mridangam
22.11.05 Tirthguru ke Dwar (Bhajan) Download
Author Nand Kishore Jasnani Audio (4.4 Mb)
Notes Composed and sung by Nand Kishore in his first religious album "Tirthguru ke Dwar-Pushkarraj". Lyrics by Sajid Ajmeri.
Instruments used Dholak, Manjeera, Banjo, Sarangi, Sitar, Santoor, Gunghroo
25.09.05 Elliruve Nee (Carnatic) Download
Author Sujay Govindaraj Audio (1.3 Mb)
Notes This is a song that describes the situation of a devotee who is in search of Lord Krishna. Song was completely composed in SwarShala Pro.
Instruments used Mridangam, Veena, Ghatam, Morsing
06.09.05 Bharatnatyam Jathi (Carnatic) Download
Author Babu Parameswaran Audio (4.4 Mb)
Notes Bharat Natyam is one of the many classical dance traditions from South India. Here is a typical accompaniment, with intricate rhythmic patterns.
Instruments used Mridangam, Ghatam, Tabla, Morsing, Veena, Sargam
06.09.05 Aman Ke Shehzade Se (Nazm) Download
Author John Ditta (a.k.a. Jan Diwana) Audio (3.3 Mb)
Notes A new composition from Jan Diwana. Lyrics are from Dr. Stephen Gill, who was awarded many peace prizes.
Instruments used Santoor, Tabla, Naal, Dhol, Israj
12.06.05 Swarajati (Carnatic) Download
Author Srinivasa Kishore Bharadwaj Audio (2.3 Mb)
Notes Classical accompaniment for a Bharat Natyam ballet called Seetha Charitham. The whole score of this program has been composed with Swar products.
Instruments used Veena, Mridangam, Ghatam
16.02.05 Classic Hip Hop Pakhawaj (Fusion) Download
Author KasperTrax & Tuomas Kantelinen Audio (2.2 Mb)
Notes Classical piece composed by T. Kantelinen and performed by a symphonic orchestra. Drums programming by KasperTrax on Reason 2.5.
Instruments used Pakhawaj
30.01.05 Ghananghananghan Song (from movie Lagaan) Download
Author Srinivasa Kishore Bharadwaj (Original song from A.R.R.) Audio (2.7 Mb)
Notes Live recording from a cultural show of the Indian association of Tallahassee, FL. Musical tracks have been created with SwarShala.
Instruments used Sitar, Duff, Morsing, Sarod, Gunghroo
30.01.05 Lai ke Masih Da Nan Sajna (Punjabi Bhajan) Download
Author John Ditta (a.k.a. Jan Diwana) Audio (3.4 Mb)
Notes This is a Punjabi Bhajan written, composed and sung by Jan Diwana.
Instruments used Tabla, Dhol, Israj
30.01.05 Symphony Studio Demo (Jingle) Download
Author Nand Kishore Jasnani Audio (1.0 Mb)
Notes Jingle of N.K.'s new studio, to be broadcasted on a local channel. Apart from Swar instruments, he has used Triton & Steinberg's Hypersonic VSTi.
Instruments used Tabla, Sitar, Gunghroo