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STZ Swar Studio Song. Proprietary format used in Swar Studio.
SGC SwarGroove Composition. Proprietary format used in SwarGroove.
SSC Swar Systems Composition. Proprietary format used in SwarShala.
Audio Audio files (MP3, ASF, etc...) contain all required sound data. You can therefore play them directly through any standard player like WinAmp or Windows Media Player.
MIDI MIDI files only contain the events that trigger the notes and modulations. This means you require a SwarPlug or a sampler with the right sounds to play them.
MOV Youtube Movie. Recorded video of Karaoke lyrics.
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01.12.04 Coloured Soil (Remixed Bengali Song) Download
Author Thomas Mahler (Vocals : Manjhima Roy) Audio (4.0 Mb)
Notes This track is a bengali folk song with the original title "ranga mati" meaning "coloured soil". The jolly folk song is interpreted in dancefloor/reggae style. Manjhima's voice is pure bliss...
Instruments used Harmonium, Manjeera and Dholak
05.11.04 My Melody (Ghazal) Download
Author Prem Anand Audio (1.2 Mb)
Notes This is a nice, ghazal-like, instrumental song composed by a new talented contributor. It starts by a sweet introduction on Israj, and then develops into pakhawaj/tabla rhythm.
Instruments used Israj, Guitar, Bansuri, Gunghroo, Sitar, Pakhawaj and Tabla
12.10.04 Volume South 1 Demo (Fusion) Download
Author Ranjan Sharma Audio (1.8 Mb)
Notes Welcome South! This composition features most of the instruments in the South 1 Volume released today. A beautiful fusion between South Indian instruments and a few western ones...
Instruments used Mridangam, Ghatam, Kanjeera, Morsing, Chende, Dollu, Udukke, Tavil, Ghat Singhari, Veena and Nadaswaram
12.10.04 Sri Gananatha (Pillari Geetham) Download
Author Srinivas Kishore Bharadwaj Audio (0.8 Mb)
Notes And in a more traditional way, a classical composition created exclusively with the upcoming SwarShala Carnatic Edition. This is a song in praise of Shri Ganesh, Lord of Wisdom and Innocence.
Instruments used Nadaswaram, Veena, Mridangam, Ghatam, Tavil, Kanjeera, Bansuri, Tanpura
05.10.04 Tuza Tasach Godava (Ghazal) Download
Author Vivek Kajarekar Audio (2.9 Mb)
Notes Beautiful ghazal written in Marathi by renowned poet Shri Suresh Bhat. Music was composed by Vivek Kajarekar and rendered by the melodious voice of his son, Vaibhav Kajarekar.
Instruments used Tabla, Sitar
10.09.04 Karyarambhi (Bhajan) Download
Author Vivek & Vaibhav Kajarekar, along with Mrs. Jayashree Ambaskar. Lyrics by Mrs. Chhaya Athavale. Audio (2.1 Mb)
Notes This is a devotional song in praise of Shri Ganesha, the elephant-headed God, son of Shri Shiva, who is always asked for blessings before important actions. Hence the title ("before beginning work").
Instruments used Tabla, Pakhawaj, Tanpura, Manjeera, Gunghroo, Sitar & Sarod
06.09.04 Aaram (Techno) Download
Author DJ Curry Audio (2.6 Mb)
Notes Preview from DJ Curry's upcoming album: "Tabla Storm - Sentinel Invasion", inspired by Talvin Singh's creations. The song was composed on Reason, using SwarShala exported loops.
Instruments used Tabla
22.04.04 Chunavi Chaat (Folk) Download
Author Ranjan Sharma Audio (0.2 Mb)
Notes This small clip was initially created for a humorous TV show broadcasted in India last February for the elections (Chunav means elections).
Instruments used Harmonium 2, Tudd, Duff, Gunghroo
28.02.04 Ghoomar (Folk) Download
Author Nand Kishore Jasnani SSC (20 Kb)
Notes Traditional dance from both Haryana and Rajasthan, performed generally by young women for auspicious occasions like Holi, Teer, etc.., their multi-hued skirts swirling gracefully to the tune. Audio (1.9 Mb)
Instruments used Tudd, Gunghroo, Sarangi, Harmonium, Shehnai, Banjo, Sitar, Sarod, Duff MIDI (62 Kb)
06.02.04 Leader for Amsterdam TV news station (Fusion) Download
Author Andreas Van Engelen Audio (1.0 Mb)
Notes Four layered patterns of chimta were processed and transformed to create the somehow electronic backbone pattern. The tabla rhythms were then mixed with Western classical orchestral percussion.
Instruments used Tabla