Swar Systems

Swar Studio v 2.0

Swar Studio v 2.0 is a major update from previous versions. We have tried to include all the important features that were still missing. We have also improved the quality of the built-in instruments and added more loops.

Plus we have taken special care of providing a clear and complete user manual so that all the features are properly explained.

A packaged version of the software is ready and will start shipping from Thursday onwards.

Main improvements:

New and enhanced instruments

We have gone through a serious rework of most of our instruments. We have also added 5 new ones: Dulcimer, Whistle, Slow Strings, Lead Synth and Synth Pad.

New MIDI and audio loops

We have also reworked the Library loops. You now have a large collection of drums, guitar and bass loops, as well as some very nice Indian vocal samples.

New audio editor

We have also included an audio editor, so that you can do the basic editing of your recordings or dropped loops directly in the software.

Enhanced user manual

The user manual was completely rewritten to make it very comprehensive and clear. .

Full Undo/Redo functionality

You now have the comfort of undo/redo functionality everywhere in the program, so that you can undo any change you did by mistake..

MP3 export

You can now export your songs in MP3 format. You'll just need to download a valid MP3 encoder, for licensing issues.