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Swar Tutorial

Hindusthani Edition | Carnatic Edition

Discover Indian classical music through a rich multimedia presentation. Swar Tutorial covers this vast subject in 40 beautifully illustrated pages divided as follows:

  • Origin of Indian music
  • Basic Building blocks
  • Ornamentation in Indian music
Raga (melody)
  • What is Raga
  • Classification of Ragas
  • 10 Common Ragas
Tala (rhythm)
  • What is Tala
  • Classification of Talas
  • 10 Common Talas

Each section is accompanied by CD quality audio clips recorded from professional musicians and interactive tools like this Indian keyboard:

Note Swar Tutorial is already included in the SwarShala software, under the Learn pane.


  • Windows XP to Windows 10
  • MacOS X 10.6 to 10.12
  • 20 MB disk
  • 256 MB RAM (more preferred)
  • Sound card
  • Flash compatible HTML browser
  • Macromedia Flash Web Player version 5 or greater
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Enter the fascinating world of Indian classical music! A must-have guide for both newbies and pundits!
In depth description of 10 ragas along with beautifully recorded bandishes (compositions) to learn.
Detailed description of 10 most known rhythmic cycles, played along by a professional tabliya.