Swar Systems


You'll find here the demo versions of all our products. Click on the Windows or Mac OS X icon, according to your platform of choice.


SwarShala Pro v. 3.3.2 Demo
SwarPlug v. 3.0.5 Demo
SwarGroove v. 2.1.4 + SwarPlug v. 3.0.5 Demo
SwarTrax v. 1.4.6 Demo
Swar Studio v. 3.0 Demo
Swar Studio Recorder v. 1.0.2

Some audio clips

Practice sessions
Lalit on Harmonium
Malkauns on Santoor
Durga on Santoor
Todi on Harmonium
Veena and Mridangam
Sarod Fusion
Volume 4 Demo
Carnatic Demo
Individual Instruments
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4