Swar Groove

SwarGroove is a VST, AU & AAX add-on to SwarPlug that adds over 200 rhythmical styles (grooves) to your DAW. Each groove consists of multiple drums and multiple loops/fills. They cover most rhythmic styles from all folk/classical traditions of India like Bhangra, Ghazal, Qawwali, etc...

Key features

  • VST/AudioUnit/AAX plugin
  • Synchronizes with host time or plays on its own timing
  • Uses up to 40 of SwarPlug's high quality Indian drums
  • Includes 200+ multi-track grooves
  • Hundreds of loops/fills for unlimited possibilities (more can be added through SwarShala)
  • 100% MIDI. Speed and pitch can be fully adapted to perfectly match your needs
  • Multi-layers per velocity on certain drums for better dynamics
  • Full track playback customization, including audio effects
  • Export to MIDI for very specific changes
  • Bounce as audio file
  • Trigger specific loops through MIDI keys for live performances

SwarPlug engine

SwarGroove requires SwarPlug installed on your system to run. This is because SwarGroove is just a lightweight plugin that uses SwarPlug and its samples to produce the playback for each track. If you are a new client, we have a good combo offer for SwarGroove + SwarPlug ML.

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Supported Platforms

  • Windows 7 or greater
  • Mac OS X 10.9 or greater

Included Formats

  • VST2 & VST3
  • Audio Unit
  • AAX


SwarGroove comes with over 200 grooves, covering most rhythmic styles of the Indian folk/classical tradition. Each groove contains 2 intros, 4 varieties, 4 fills and 2 endings. Most of them also have drums and/or bass tracks that can be played over your own virtual instruments.

Here are some samples exported in (dry, no reverb) MP3 format: