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SwarPlug 4.4 Update

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We are happy to inform you we have just released a new SwarPlug update that has the following main enhancements:

  • LIBRARY pane loops now play at host tempo, and the exact duration of the loop in beats at that tempo is automatically calculated. You can change this number of beats to fit your requirements and then the dragged loop will fit exactly within that.
  • added a DRONES category in the instrument browser dialog and moved all 10 tanpuras there
  • fixed a crash when using SPEED button on Windows
  • Moved SPEED and RANDOM(NESS) knobs to the FX pane. SPEED knob was often mistaken as Portamento Time, when it's actually a time-stretching option, only useful for specific samples that are rhythmical

Improved presets

We have also taken particular care in customizing the default preset of each of the 80+ instruments. Not only the sound quality, but also the layout of its different playing styles, so that loops created for an instrument will work on similar instruments.

The clearest example is for Tanpuras, where all 10 available tanpuras have now their strings mapped exactly in the same way, which makes it very simple to drag a loop and audition it with different instruments to select the one we prefer. Another example is for Sitar, Sarod, Surbahar that are now mapped similarly and can therefore share the same loops.

Of course, we don't want to mess up your existing projects, so the tracks created earlier should still load their original preset. You can also select it in the presets drop-down, starting with "00".

Improved loops

Finally, we have also put in efforts to improve the quality of loops available for each instrument and also added for some. Tanpuras, for instance now have long loops in each possible pitch, different first note (Pa or Ma) and in different playing styles (gap after first string, after last string, etc...). This makes it extremely easy to create a tanpura track for your project.

SwarPlug 4 users can get this update free of cost in our Updates section. Updated presets and loops can be downloaded directly from the Swar Dashboard, at the end of the installation.


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New SwarPlug 4 Masterclass!

As requested by many of you, we have also been working on a masterclass video by our amazing Francis Xavier, to show how to play the Swar Systems instruments in the most realistic way.

This covers both Wind (Bansuri) and Strings (Sitar) instruments, giving a deep dive into the triggering of these subtle sounds, through clear explanations, slow-motions and such.

A must see video for both advanced and budding composers!