iShala - Indian music app for riyaaz

New v 3.3

iShala is an Indian music software that combines a tabla machine, a lehra player and an electronic tanpura/swarmandal. It provides rhythmic and melodic accompaniment for music practice or just to jam along virtual musicians.

Featured instruments are Tabla, Harmonium, Swarmandal and Tanpura. You can select to play one or all of them, and they will automatically synchronize together.

Includes over 50 rhythmic cycles, melodic tunes in more than 110 ragas and 7 different tempos: possible combinations are thus nothing short of infinite!


iShala is Audiobus-compatible, which means that you can route their live audio output to other Audiobus-compatible apps. For instance you chain audio effects to transform the sound, or mix your voice and their output into a Garageband recording. See for more information.


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