We have software for both composers and Indian classical music lovers. Exact description of each of them is available in the Products section. If you still have questions about, feel free to email us at support@swarsystems.com.

We have different products, some with different instruments sets. Exact price for each is shown in our online shop. Just select the product you're interested in and you'll see the price for each variety of it.

All our desktop software are compatible with Windows 7 up to Windows 10, as well as with Mac OSX 10.9 and higher. On the mobile apps front, iShala runs on Android 6 and higher, as well as iOS 9.3 and higher. Tanpura Droid runs on Android 3.3 and higher.

Immediately. Upon payment of the order, you'll always automatically receive emailed download instructions for the software you purchased. If you ask for a shipped package in the Shipping options, we'll still send the download instructions but we'll also ship your boxed package. Deliveries in India are couriered from Delhi (2 days max). For the rest of the world we ship from Switzerland. Count 2-3 working days in Europe and 5-7 abroad.

Sure. We have demos for all our products. You can try them at our Demos section. You can also view different videos we prepared for each of them at our Videos section.

By default we allow our users to install on 2 separate computers, provided they are for their personal use only. If you need to install on more, just email us the details and you should get an approval without any problem. However, if you want to install a software on a site to be run by multiple users you will definitely need to purchase more than a license. Just email us at sales@swarsystems.com with your exact needs and we'll come back to you with an interesting site-license offer.

Our policy from the begining has been not to charge our users for anything they have already paid for. As a result, all our updates are free. But of course, if we add new instruments or significant new features, then we allow ourselves to offer that as an upgrade for a very nominal price.

If you have paid through our secured payment system (SIX Multipay), you should be receiving download instructions and Product Keys (when applicable) emails automatically. If you don't, then they might be stuck in the Spam or Promotions folder of your mail account. Please check. If you have paid by other means, we'll be sending these emails manually, so please allow up to 10 hours delay (usually 1-2 hours max).

It's likely that the download did not complete properly, because our setups have been carefully tested. Try deleting the installer and downloading again.

On the latest Windows or Mac OS X platforms you may get a security warning when running the installer. This is to protect your system again viruses and such. In this case, you can ignore the message because our installers have been properly tested against viruses and also certified with a valid signature.

Our plugins installers include both 32 and 64 bits versions. You'll need to select the version that corresponds to the one of your sequencer. If it's a 64 bits DAW, then you must select 64 bits plugins. If not, the 32 bits ones.

You must be installing our plugins (SwarPlug and/or SwarGroove). Plugins are not standalone software so you won't see any icon to run them. They will only appear within your sequencer.

Each DAW (sequencer) has a specific way of loading third-party plugins. Some of them (hello Apple!..) even hide that in very interesting ways... Check out our Videos section for an explanation on how to load on some of the main DAWs. If that doesn't help, feel free to email us at support@swarsystems.com.

This can happen on some of our software if they are not activated. They may only play for 15 minutes each time. Make sure to activate them through the code received.

Swar Studio: Unlocking is done by entering a valid Product Key in the About box of the software/plugin. You should be receiving a personalized Product Key by email. Once you have that, open the software/plugin, open its About box and there you will see a field to enter it. Other products: the software is activated within the Swar Dashboard utility that is launched at the end of the installer, or which you can also run from Applications (Mac) or Programs (Windows) folders. Enter the Serial nr received, click on Activate and you should be ready to go (Internet connection required).

Product Keys are personalized. To get one for your software you can go to the Updates page and select the update for the product you want. You'll then receive 2 emails: one with the update download instructions (which you can ignore if you already use the latest version) and a second with the corresponding Product Key/Serial Nr.

For that you need to go to our Updates section. Check the version of the update against the one you have in the About box of the software.

In order to download an update you must be registered with us for that product. Just email us with the details of the product(s) you purchased, the vendor, the date of purchase and your address. We'll register you quickly so you can download any future update without any problem.

Check your Spam or Promotions folder. Sometimes these mails end up there.

Chances are you didn't install the update in the folder where the software was initially installed. Updates do not contain all the files required for a product, only the ones that have changed. Therefore you must make sure you select the current product folder as the destination. Email us to support@swarsystems.com for instructions to a full reinstallation.