Swar Systems

Referrer program

Earn CASH in 5 simple steps!..

  1. Register as a referrer by entering your email and password. If you have never ordered at Swar Systems before, you'll have to enter your contact details.
  2. In the Referrals tab, enter the email addresses of any of your relations, friends, colleagues who may be interested in our products. Only emails not found in our contacts database can be added.
  3. Inform these people about our products. We can also send them our newsletter if you like.
  4. If and when anyone of them orders from us, the system will then automatically send you a notification.
  5. When any payment is received for such an order, you'll automatically earn a 20% commission on that payment, transferred to your PayPal account.


Client orders a copy of... You earn...
SwarShala Pro North 1 & 2 $34.00
SwarPlug XE with ML Pack 1 $59.80
SwarGroove bundle $111.80